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FAHSS is committed to add value to its clients and the community as a leading competence center for Inspections, Testing, Calibration, Assessments, Auditing, Certification and Training in the Arab Peninsula. FAHSS success is centered on providing the appropriate expert advice to enable its clients to provide safe and reliable products and services, helping to demonstrate quality and confidence in what its clients offer. FAHSS has its own Academy, one of the largest training providers in the Middle East with more than 1500 successful participants each year.


FAHSS Saudi Arabia was founded in 1986 by TASNEE and has been serving the industrial community in the Gulf region for more than 30 years.

We are committed to:

  • deliver high quality and professional services for conformity assessment, training and
    technical advisory for health, safety & environment to ensure satisfaction of our clients.
  • comply with applicable legal requirements as well as international standards, parent
    companies’, clients’ and other applicable requirements;
  • identify the needs and expectation of our valuable customers and serve them in line
    with the same;
  • run our business providing a positive customer experience during pre-sales, sales and
    after sales;
  • deliver our services using innovative and latest technology;
  • achieving strategic growth in revenue and profit, with optimum acceptable liabilities;
  • achieving growth by regional expansion and product diversification;
  • creating a healthy work environment for all employees so they deliver the best;
  • key focus in strategic plans to support the economy of the country we operate in;
  • promote the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking;
  • continually improve performance of the management systems.

Preferred Partner towards Safety, Quality and Sustainability.

Provide innovative technology, tailored services and customer centric approach in the
field of testing, inspection and certification to achieve sustainable growth, stimulating work
environment and in-country-value.

  • The focus is on our customers.
  • Our employees are the key to success.
  • Our integrity is the basis of everything we do
  • Our diversity opens up new opportunities.
  • Our culture of innovation is trend-setting.

From the outset of the establishment of our enterprise in 1986, we have sought to support and deliver quality solutions to our clients.

Our FAHSS resource of manpower based on highly knowledgeable professionals; that are talented, experienced, and have the expertise for delivering practical & excellence solutions that are suitable to our clients in Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries.

We are confident with our diversification of a wide range of services that we offer to assist & support our clients in their endeavors to open up the worldwide markets for their products and services that makes a significant difference in achieving solid results.

Mainly, we focus on Technical Inspection & Assessment, Certification, Environmental, Metrology, Health & Safety, and tailored solutions specific in Engineering & Related Training to a select client, and we are firm in our commitment to developing highest quality services and formulate innovative proposals that’s unique to our clients.

In addition to fulfilling our social responsibilities, our employees continue to focus our corporate resources to provide professional services that exceed our client expectations.

To that end, we would like to ask for your continued support & feedback to enhance our corporate value.


We Deliver quality, cost effective and value added services

Industrial Inspection Service (IIS)

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Gulf Equipment Metrology Service (GEMS)

Calibration of inspection, measuring and test equipment.

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Certification and Training Service

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