Certifying you as per International Standards

The stated goal of FAHSS is to partner in your journey towards achieving better business success through the implementation of quality management systems.
FAHSS was founded in 1986 and is an affiliate of TASNEE and a member of TÜV NORD Group serving the technical industry in the Gulf region for almost 35
years. FAHSS is known for its technical competence and proficiency in the fields of certification, auditing, inspection, advisory, testing and training.
At the core of this, FAHSS is focusing on impartial certification acting as custodians of quality, operating third party certification systems in a consistent and
reliable manner with a focus on improvement of processes.
Whether you want to assure your quality with a quality management system, environment with an environmental management system, safe & healthy working
environment with a health & safety management system, the most recognized course of action is to get it certified against an internationally recognized
management system standard.
FAHSS is an approved Sales Office of TUV Middle East for Management System Certifications in Saudi Arabia under IAS and ANAB accreditations offering
you a wide range of certifications under various accreditations and approvals (like ANAB, EIAC, IAS, SASO, SFDA …etc).
Our auditors come with deep expertise of cumulative experience across industries in various capacities. Our auditors are known to become an inseparable part
of your organization’s value chain, continually re-orienting your quality compass for excellence.

Under management system accreditation schemes, the following information is available to public / interested parties on request.

– Information describing audit processes and certification processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring or withdrawing certification and about the certification activities, types of management systems and geographical areas in which we operate.

– Certifications granted, suspended or withdrawn.

– Directory of certified clients.

– Guidelines for the use of FAHSS mark of conformity / logo.

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